Shadows over Camelot


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game


Shadows over Camelot is a cooperative game where players are Knights of the Round Table. They must go on different quests to retrieve valuable artifacts, and bring white swords to the round table. On every turn, evil will also progress, possibly adding black swords to the table. There is also potential for a traitor hidden among the knights.

The game is won when 12 swords have been placed on the table, and there are more white swords than black swords. The game is lost if any of the following happens

  • Camelot is surrounded by 12 siege engines
  • 7 or more black swords are on the table
  • All loyal knights are dead

Set Up

Board set up

  1. Place all game boards on table
  2. Lancelot board placed with his side up
  3. Siege engines, picts, saxons, and swords near board
  4. Figures for Excalibur, Holy grail, and Lancelot’s Armor on respective quests
  5. Remove Merlin cards from white deck equal to number of players
  6. Shuffle the white cards and deal 5 per player
  7. Shuffle the black cards and place the deck in indicated area
  8. Shuffle the loyalty cards and deal one per player

Player set up

  1. Take a knight figure and character sheet, place figure on corresponding round table spot
  2. Take a Merlin and a Loyalty card
  3. Place same colored dice on character sheet set to 4
  4. All players now select a white card from hand and play it face up on table
  5. Determine how to share those cards, if no concensus reached, the cards are shuffled and randomly distributed again


King Arthur will begin the game if present, otherwise the youngest player. Play goes around in clockwise order with each player taking one turn. Each turn consists of two phases

  1. Progression of Evil
  2. Heroic Action

See Quests for more information on individual quests.

Progression of Evil

Perform one of three actions

Drawing a black card

Draw the top black card in the deck and apply the effects. Whenever the deck runs out, reshuffle all the discards into a new deck, and shuffle the white card discard and draw pile together as well.

Special black cards

Some of these card have persistent effects. Apply the effect immediately when the card is drawn. They may be countered by playing the group playing 3 Merlin cards as a group.

Standard black cards

Place these cards on its corresponding quests. They cannot be countered by 3 Merlin cards.

  • Mercenaries, Picts, and Saxons
  • Lancelot and the Dragon
  • Excalibur
  • Black Knight
  • Despair

Heroic Action

You must take one of 5 Heroic actions

  • Move to a new quest
  • Perform quest action – see Quests
  • Play special white card
  • Heal yourself
  • Make accusation

You can also sacrifice one life point to perform a second action. The second action must be different than the first.

Special Powers

You may use your special power during your Heroic action phase


All quests outside of Camelot share these common traits. During quests, ties always go to evil side. At the end of each quest, return the knight(s) to the round table. For all solo quests, all white cards must be removed if the knight is to depart from the quest.

  • Knight positions
  • Card spots
  • Victory and defeat effects

End Game

The game ends immediately when the 12th sword is laid on the round table. If the traitor is still hidden, they may reveal their loyalty card to turn 2 white swords into black swords. It is possible to end the game with more than 12 total swords. If there are more white swords than black swords, the game is won in favor of loyal knights.

The game may end prematurely when

  • Camelot is surrounded by 12 siege engines
  • There are 7 or more black swords in Camelot
  • All loyal knights are dead

Battlestar Galactica

Battlestar Galactica

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. Combat
  5. Cylon players
  6. PDF Manual


Battlestar Galactica is a team game with intrigue, betrayal, and drama. Players are on either the Human’s or the Cylon’s team, except they don’t know who is whom.


Human players

The human player must travel 8 units of distance as indicated by the Destination Cards, then make one more jump to win the game.

The cylons win by preventing the humans from completing their objective. It can be done by

  • Run out a resource
  • Centurion Invasion
  • Destroy Galactica

Set Up

Board set up

  • Set dials to 12 o’clock position
  • Place 8 Vipers and 4 Raptors in reserve
  • Fleet token on start space of Jump preparation
  • Shuffle quorum deck, crisis deck, super crisis deck, and destination deck and place near game board
  • Create Destiny Deck by dealing 2 skill card of each type and shuffling them. Place onto board
  • Separate skill cards by color and place into matching regions on bottom of board
  • Place Kobol objective next to Destination deck
  • Place ships as shown

Player setup

  1. Choose a start player, take first player marker
  2. Starting from the first player, choose character of character type that is most plentiful
  3. Take corresponding Character sheet and tokens
  4. Place tokens as indicated on character sheet onto board
  5. President is given to first available player from this list
  6. Admiral given to first available player from this list
  7. President takes quorum deck and draws one
  8. Admiral takes two nukes
  9. Each player draws skill cards according to character sheet


Each player takes a complete turn before moving to the next player. Each turn consists of the following 6 steps

  1. Receive skill
  2. Movement step
  3. Action step
  4. Crisis step
  5. Activate cylon ships
  6. Prepare for jump

Receive skill

Player draw skill cards listed on character sheet. Skill cards are played during skill checks using the strength number or used for the special text abilities.

  • Max hand size of 10 skill cards
  • Each skill card has a type, strength, and ability
  • Some abilities are action to be played during the action phase
  • Other abilities are played according to description

Movement step

Player may move character token to another location. If moving between Colonial One and Galactica, must discard one skill card. Humans may not move into Cylon locations. Revealed Cylons can only move in Cylon locations. Any number of players can move into the same location.

If the player is in a viper, they may move to adjacent region or discard skill card to move back to Colonial One or Galactica. The viper is placed in reserve.

Action step

Players may perform ONE action. All actions are identified by the word “action:” followed by ability

Crisis step

Draw a crisis card. As indicated by the type of card, resolve skill check, event, or place and activate ships. Crisis Cards drive the main story of the game. There are 3 types

Crisis cards have symbols on the bottom. The left symbol indicate which ships are activated. The right symbol indicates if the player needs to move the jump marker up

Activate cylon ships

After the crisis has been resolved, if there is a cylon ship symbol on the bottom left, activate the ship indicated by the symbol. See Combat for more details.

Prepare for jump

If the Crisis card has the “prepare for jump” symbol, move the token ahead on the jump preparation track. If the token is moved to the auto jump space, jump the fleet by performing these steps

  1. Remove all ships from game board, vipers placed in reserve
  2. Admiral draws 2 destination cards and choses 1
  3. Follow instructions on card
  4. If the current distance satisfies one of the Kobol objective, follow instruction on Kobol Card

If the marker is on one of the blue spaces on the track, player may force a jump by activating FTL control as an action. The player rolls a die. If 6 or lower then population is lost as indicated on blue space.


Attacks are performed when ships are activated. Roll a 8 sided dice

Activating and piloting vipers

Vipers can be activated from the Command location. When a viper is activated choose one of the 3 options

  • Launch a new viper in region with launch icon
  • Move a viper that to adjacent space
  • Attack cylon ship in same area

Only characters with the pilot ability can pilot a viper. The player may move the viper during the movement step, and may move again or attack during the action step. When the fleet jumps, the character is placed in the hangar.


When a viper is damaged or destroyed, the character is placed in the sick bay if piloted, viper is placed in damaged viper area or removed from game.

Destroyed cylon ships are removed from the board, but may return later.

When a Raptor is destroyed, it is removed from the game

When Basestar or Galactica is damaged, draw appropriate token

Cylon player

Cylon players work secretly against the humans to run out a resource, destroy Galactica, or cause an centurion invasion.

After distance 4 is jumped, the sleeper agent phase is active. Players receive another loyalty card. Any player with at least one cylon card is a cylon. On some player counts, there is also a sympathizer card.


Sympathizer sides with the losing team. When one gets this card, immediately reveal it. If at least one resource is in red, the sympathizer is on human team and ent to brig. Otherwise, the player becomes a revealed cylon.

Revealed cylon

Revealing yourself as cylon is an action. When that actioin is taken, perform these steps

  1. Discard down to 3 skill cards
  2. Lose title to line of succession if any
  3. Move to resurrection ship
  4. Receive one Super Crisis card
  5. End current turn (do not draw crisis card)

On the revealed cylon’s turn, perform these steps. There are no crisis or activate ship steps.

  1. Draw any 2 skills
  2. Move to any cylon location
  3. Perform location action

The Cylon player can play one skill into each skill check. They cannot use any skill abilities.