Clank in Space


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. PDF Manual


Clank in space is a deck building game that also involves characters moving around a spaceship. The goal is use resources and movements provided by the deck to move through the ship, steal one of the 6 artifacts, and escape. Throughout the ship there are enemies to fight, and obstacles to bypass. If you make too much noise during your adventure, you’ll also wake Lord Eradikus, who will attack and may leave you incapacitated. The player that escapes with the most amount of points wins the game.

Goals of the game

With the deck building mechanic, you are attempting to accomplish 3 goals before Lord Eradikus takes you down. They are

  1. Hack the spaceship computer
  2. Steal an artifact
  3. Escape through an escape pod in the cargo bay

The player with the most points that managed to escape will win the game

Set Up

Board set up

  • Assemble the modular board
  • Place the 6* artifacts on their designated spots
  • Place one Major and 2 Minor secrets onto each of their designated spaces
  • Set up the market with 2* of each item
  • Place the 4 escape pod tokens on their spots in the cargo bay
  • Command code token, power crystals and credits next to board
  • Bounty hunter cube (red) and blockade token on the rage track as indicated
  • Boss marker on rage track position according to player number
  • 24 Boss cube (black) into the bag
  • Set up the permanent adventure row with G0B-L1N, FAZR, Boldly Go, and Memory Core cards
  • Deal 6 cards into the adventure row, replace any with the boss attack symbol
  • Place player pawns in cargo area starting space

Player set up

  • Each player takes a deck of 10 cards
    • 6 Hacks
    • 2 Stumbles
    • 1 Access
    • 1 Scramble
  • Take a set of colored clank cubes and data cubes
  • Select a first player, and place 3 Clank! cubes into the Clank area. The second player places 2 cubes, third places 1 cube, and fourth 0 cube


To accomplish the 3 objectives, players will build their deck by acquiring more powerful cards from the adventure row. Each turn, the player will draw 5 cards from their own deck, and play them all. Each card will have symbols and text to resolve. Use these resources to move and purchase cards. Whenever a card is purchased, its spot is left unfilled until the end of turn.

The Cards

Using the total value of skills and sword icons on the cards you played, you may purchase and fight as many cards as you like. When a card is purchased, it is placed in your discard pile. When an enemy is defeated, it is removed from the game. The row is not refilled until the end of the turn. The cards on the permanent row are always available for purchase and fight.

Movement and Locations

Each boot symbol allows movement from one room to another room connected with a normal path. You cannot backtrack immediately in to the room you came from. Some paths have special rules

  • Footprint – Requires 2 boots to traverse
  • Enemy Icons – Take one damage per enemy head. Each sword used can negate one damage
  • Lock – Must have master key to go through
  • Directional arrow – May only traverse in one direction

Special rooms

  • Market – May make a marketplace purchase with 7 credits
  • Secrets – May take one secret token, and reveal it. Keep it infront of you until used
  • Security checkpoint – When you enter a room with red hashmarks, you cannot use any more boots
  • Data ports – Whenever you enter a room with a green data port, you may hack it by placing the data cube there, gaining its effect.
  • Hyperlift – Move along its path to another hyperlift space. After movement, cannot use boots until next turn. May move through normally like regular spaces
  • Telepads – Teleport from one pad to another if you own the telepass. After movement, cannot use boots until next turn
  • Artifact – You can take the artifact if you do not already have one. You can now begin to escape
  • Health/credit/crystal – Take the indicated resource

End of Turn

When a player is done resolving their cards, refill any empty spots in the adventure row. Resolve any arrival effects. If the card shows the Boss attack symbol, Lord Eradikus attacks. Resolve the attack as followed

  • Place all cubes from the clank area into the boss bag
  • Take the number of cubes as indicated by the boss position on Rage track
  • If a black cube is drawn, set it aside
  • If a colored cube is drawn, place it on the damage tracker for that player

Rage Track

The rage track increases anytime one of these 3 events occur

  • A command code is complete
  • An artifact is picked up
  • An archive (a minor secret) is discovered

When the boss reaches the space on the rage track containing the bounty hunter, place it in the bag. Place the blockade on the blockade space when that last rage track space is reached.

End Game


After you have acquired an Artifact, you may escape by running back to the Cargo area. The following cases may happen

  • You leave the ship by an escape pod for an extra 20 points. Count your score.
  • You get knocked out in the Cargo bay. Count your score
  • You get knocked out outside the cargo bay. You are out of the game

Players that are knocked out or have left the ship will no longer take their normal turns. They will instead put cubes from the clank area into the bag, and draw 4 each time they would have taken a turn. When a cube of their color is drawn, it has no effect.


Add up your score from these sources

  • Value of artifact
  • 1 credit is 1 point
  • Points from tokens and market items
  • Points from deck

Ties are broken by value of artifact.

Survive Escape from Atlantis

Survive escape from atlantis

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game


Survive Escape from Atlantis is a meeple movement/racing game where players try to escape from the sinking island of Atlantis. Throughout the game the safe areas on the island will shrink while the creatures of the sea try to hunt you down. In this world, not all explorers are created equal. Some explorers are worth more than others. The goal of the game is to move as many valuable explorers as you can onto the four safe isles before the volcano finally erupts.

Set Up

  • Place the Sea Serpents on the 5 indicated spaces
  • Shuffle the Terrain tiles and place them within the thick border on the board, terrain side up
  • Each player takes the 10 explorers in their color
  • Each player takes 2 ships

Starting with the first player, place one explorer on an empty terrain tile. Continue placing one meeple each on unoccupied terrain tiles going clockwise around the table. When all explorers are placed, begin placing one ship at a time on sea spaces adjacent to land.


Starting with the first player, each player take turns performing 4 actions in order. The actions are

  1. Play a Terrain tile
  2. Move explorer/ship
  3. Remove a Terrain tile
  4. Roll creature dice and move creature

Play a terrain tile

This action is optional. You may play a red bordered tile from your hand and resolve its effects.

Move explorer/ship

Use 3 movement points to move explorers and ships. Each movement point allows movement of one explorer/ship to an adjacent space. Multiple points may be used on the same ship or explorer. Follow these rules for movement


  • Multiple explorers can occupy the same tile
  • Can move into adjacent ship, including from another ship
  • May not move back on island once left
  • May jump from a ship to the same tile the ship is on
  • Explorers become swimmers once they left land and are not on ship
  • Only move one space per explorer once swimming
  • Jumping from ship or land to a sea space counts as swimming


  • When ship is empty, any player can control it
  • A sea space cannot contain more than one ship
  • If a ship is destroyed, the occupants become swimmers on the same sea space
  • The player with the most explorers on the ship controls the ship

Anytime a ship or explorer moves into a space containing other creatures, resolve that creature’s ability

Swimmers and occupants of ships can move onto the safe isles from one of the 2 adjacent sea spaces using a movement point. Any of the 4 safe isles can be used.

Remove terrain tile

Remove a terrain tile, representing the sinking of Atlantis. All sand tiles must be removed before forest tiles, then mountain tiles. The tile removed must be adjacent to a sea space unless none are available.

Any explorers on the land tile removed become swimmers. If the tile has a green border, reveal the tile and resolve its effects. If it has a red border, keep it to play later.

Roll creature dice

Roll the creature dice and move the creature according to the guide on the board. The creatures will move and have the following effects.

  • Sea Serpent – Move a sea serpent one sea space, remove all swimmers and ships from the sea space it enters
  • Shark – Move a shark 1 – 2 sea spaces, remove any swimmers in sea space it enters and end movement. No effect on ship or passengers
  • Whale – Move a whale 1 – 3 sea space, remove occupied ship in sea space it enters and end movement. No effect on swimmers or empty ships

End Game

The game ends as soon as the volcano eruption tile is revealed. Flip over rescued explorers on safe isles and add up the point value. The player with the most points wins.

Forbidden Desert


Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay


Forbidden Desert is a cooperative exploration game where players are adventurers lost in a desert. Each player has unique special abilities and they must work together to find the 4 parts required to build a magical ship and fly away. At the end of each player’s turn your quest gets a little more difficult as the wind shifts the sand around and the group starts dying of thirst…

Win condition – Find the location of the 4 missing parts, pick them up, and meet up with the whole team at the launch pad

Lose condition – Any one player loses all water, the storm meter goes to the top space, or the supply runs out of sand.

Set Up

  • Lay the tiles randomly desert side up and compass on top left into a 5×5 grid with a hole in the middle
  • Place sand markers light side up on the tiles in a diamond shape
  • Place the 4 machine parts beside the board
  • Set the difficulty level on the Sand Storm meter
  • Shuffle the storm and equipment deck
  • Deal an adventurer card randomly to each player. Set the water meter to full
  • Place pawns corresponding to player colors onto the crash site


Each player take turn performing 4 actions, then resolving the storm.

Perform up to 4 actions

Take up to 4 of the actions from the following list. You may also share water and equipment cards with other players on the same tile for free at anytime during your actions.

Draw storm cards and resolve

Draw a number of storm cards equal to the current storm meter level. Reveal the cards one at a time and resolve. There are 3 types of storm cards