Survive Escape from Atlantis

Survive escape from atlantis

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game


Survive Escape from Atlantis is a meeple movement/racing game where players try to escape from the sinking island of Atlantis. Throughout the game the safe areas on the island will shrink while the creatures of the sea try to hunt you down. In this world, not all explorers are created equal. Some explorers are worth more than others. The goal of the game is to move as many valuable explorers as you can onto the four safe isles before the volcano finally erupts.

Set Up

  • Place the Sea Serpents on the 5 indicated spaces
  • Shuffle the Terrain tiles and place them within the thick border on the board, terrain side up
  • Each player takes the 10 explorers in their color
  • Each player takes 2 ships

Starting with the first player, place one explorer on an empty terrain tile. Continue placing one meeple each on unoccupied terrain tiles going clockwise around the table. When all explorers are placed, begin placing one ship at a time on sea spaces adjacent to land.


Starting with the first player, each player take turns performing 4 actions in order. The actions are

  1. Play a Terrain tile
  2. Move explorer/ship
  3. Remove a Terrain tile
  4. Roll creature dice and move creature

Play a terrain tile

This action is optional. You may play a red bordered tile from your hand and resolve its effects.

Move explorer/ship

Use 3 movement points to move explorers and ships. Each movement point allows movement of one explorer/ship to an adjacent space. Multiple points may be used on the same ship or explorer. Follow these rules for movement


  • Multiple explorers can occupy the same tile
  • Can move into adjacent ship, including from another ship
  • May not move back on island once left
  • May jump from a ship to the same tile the ship is on
  • Explorers become swimmers once they left land and are not on ship
  • Only move one space per explorer once swimming
  • Jumping from ship or land to a sea space counts as swimming


  • When ship is empty, any player can control it
  • A sea space cannot contain more than one ship
  • If a ship is destroyed, the occupants become swimmers on the same sea space
  • The player with the most explorers on the ship controls the ship

Anytime a ship or explorer moves into a space containing other creatures, resolve that creature’s ability

Swimmers and occupants of ships can move onto the safe isles from one of the 2 adjacent sea spaces using a movement point. Any of the 4 safe isles can be used.

Remove terrain tile

Remove a terrain tile, representing the sinking of Atlantis. All sand tiles must be removed before forest tiles, then mountain tiles. The tile removed must be adjacent to a sea space unless none are available.

Any explorers on the land tile removed become swimmers. If the tile has a green border, reveal the tile and resolve its effects. If it has a red border, keep it to play later.

Roll creature dice

Roll the creature dice and move the creature according to the guide on the board. The creatures will move and have the following effects.

  • Sea Serpent – Move a sea serpent one sea space, remove all swimmers and ships from the sea space it enters
  • Shark – Move a shark 1 – 2 sea spaces, remove any swimmers in sea space it enters and end movement. No effect on ship or passengers
  • Whale – Move a whale 1 – 3 sea space, remove occupied ship in sea space it enters and end movement. No effect on swimmers or empty ships

End Game

The game ends as soon as the volcano eruption tile is revealed. Flip over rescued explorers on safe isles and add up the point value. The player with the most points wins.