Pandemic: The Cure

Cooperative 2-5 Players30-60 minutes

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction and objective
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. PDF Manual

Introduction and objective

Pandemic: The Cure is a cooperative game where players move around the continents trying to save the world of disease outbreaks. Throughout the game, players will treat disease, collect samples and find cures.

The game is won when all 4 diseases are cured. The game is lost when

Set Up

Populating the starting regions

  1. Draw and roll 12 dice from bag
  2. Place dice into matching regions


Pick a starting player, going clockwise each player goes through the following 4 steps until winning or one of the losing condition is reached

  1. Roll dice and do action
  2. Give samples
  3. Try to find a cure
  4. Infect region

Roll dice and do action

Roll all dice. All dice besides biohazard symbls can be rerolled. A dice can be rerolled any number of times until it is spent. Not all dice needs to be used
Die face Action
Fly Move own pawn to any region
Sail Move own pawn to adjacent region
Treat Place one infection die from region to treatment center or one infection die from treatment center to bag
Bottle Take one die from treatment center and place it on role card Place bottle on top of infection die
action/action Faces separated by slash are one or the other, not both
Biohazard Advance infection syringe one space If it reaches epidemic symbol, an epidemic occurs


When epidemic occurs, take all dice from treatment center plus number of new dice as indicated by the new infection rate and roll them. Place in regions accordingly. Place crosses onto CDC. If there more than 3 dice of the same color in the same region, an Outbreak occurs.

Give samples

After all dice actions are taken, you can give samples to another player in your region. All diseases of the same color must be given together

Try to find a cure

Roll all collected samples of ONE disease on role card. If the number of pips is greater than 13, the disease is cured. If the disease is cured, place one of the dice used for the cure on the cured disease card. Place the remaining samples and samples of the same disease from other players back in the bag. Return player dice to other players.

If roll fails, you keep the samples and may give away or try again on your next turn.

Infect region

Draw and roll number of dice equal to infection rate. Place infection die accordingly, placing crosses onto CDC. If any region has more than 3 dice of the same color, an outbreak occurs


When an outbreak occurs, Advance the outbreak marker 1 space. Move the extra dice clockwise. This may cause a second outbreak. Repeat rule as many time as needed.


Events can be triggered by paying the cost associated with the event. They can be triggered anytime during the game except between dice roll and resolution. The used event is placed facedown under the draw deck.