Potion Explosion

potion explosion

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. PDF Manual


Potion Explosion is a set collection game. Players take marbles (ingredients) from a dispenser to make potions. When ingredients are taken, they could cause other ingredients to collide and explode! You can then take those as well. Throughout the game, you can drink the potions you just made to help you make more potions. Each completed potion is worth points. The game ends when the pool of skill tokens are exhausted. The player with the most points at the end wins.

Set Up

  • Give each player a Desk board
  • Give a player the start player marker
  • Drafting starter potions
    • Remove 2 Kinds of potion at random from all the potion tiles
    • Take 2 random starter potion per player, place in center of table recipe side up
    • The first player starts by taking a potion of a choice, proceeding clockwise
    • Once all players have chosen a potion, the last player takes another one, proceed counter-clockwise until all players have 2 starters
    • Place the starters recipe side up on desk
  • Shuffle the other potions and separate into 5 stacks, recipe side up
  • Place ingredients randomly in the tank
  • Place little help tokens and skill tokens (depends on player number) in the middle of table


Players will take turns. Each turn consists of 3 phases. At anytime during your turn you may also drink a completed potion or Use a little help.

  1. Take ingredient
  2. Use ingredient
  3. End turn

Take ingredient

Take an ingredient from one of the columns in the dispenser. If removing the ingredient causes ingredients of the same color to collide, they explode you can remove those too. Explosions are only triggered by the regular remove action. They are not triggered by drinking potions or little help. If removing the exploded ingredients causes another explosion, you can then take all those exploded ingredients as well etc…

Keep all removed ingredients in your hand until the next phase

Use ingredient

Place ingredients on your desk according to these rules

  • When available, you MUST place ingredients from your hand onto available matching colored spaces on your potions.
  • You may freely move potions between your hand and the storage flask during your turn
  • Once an ingredient has been placed on a potion, it cannot be removed
  • Any marbles you cannot place must be placed in the flask until it is full

Completing a potion

When a potion has all their spots filled, it is completed. Place the marbles randomly back in the top of the dispenser and turn the potion over to the completed side. Place it under the desk board in your potion area, cork side up.

End turn

When you’ve taken your regular pick, drank any potion you wish, asked for a little help, and filled up your flask and recipes. Your turn now ends. Follow these steps

  • Discard all ingredients from your hand to the top of the dispenser
  • If you have less than 2 potions in your desk, draw one more from the top of any one of five stacks
  • You MAY NOT move ingredients from the flask to the new potion, because your turn has already ended
  • Check to see if you’ve earned one or more skill tokens
  • Check if Game has ended

Drinking a potion

At anytime during your turn, you may drink a potion you have completed. Indicate this by turning the potion upside down. The potion is still worth victory points at the end, and count towards earning skill tokens. Each potion will have a different effect. Taking ingredients do not trigger explosions.

A Little Help

Once per turn, you may take a little help token to take an ingredient from the dispenser. No explosions are triggered.

Skill Tokens

Skill tokens are worth 4 points. They are earned when

  • Player completes at least 3 potions of the same kind
  • Player completes 5 different potions

End Game

The game end is triggered when the last skill token is taken, or there are no potions available to take. Play continues untill all players have taken equal number of turns. Skill tokens may still be earned from the extra supply. Add up

  • Points from skill tokens
  • Points from potions
  • Negative points from little help tokens

The player with the most points wins the game. Ties broken by tied players in turn order taking one marble from the dispenser. The player that triggers the biggest explosion wins.