Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. PDF Manual


In Monarch, players are sisters in the Kingdom of Minerva who are proving their leadership skills to the Queen. Players will both work together to improve the kingdom all the while vying for control and prestige in their chosen leadership path. Monarch is a set collection game where players acquire cards from the market to place in their own court, send unwanted visitors to the opponent’s court, and buy upgrades for the kingdom that benefits all sisters. The game ends during the round where one sister obtains the 7th card in the court. The player with the most crowns win.

Set Up

  • Shuffle the 12 land boards and draw 9, place in 3×3 square
  • Shuffle and deal out 5 cards for the market
  • Lay out the 5 Banners on table
  • 5 gold and 5 food to each player


Starting with the first player going clockwise, players can perform the following actions in any order

Tax OR Harvest

Players can perform this action only once per turn. They can either collect the food indicated on the farm tiles, or pay one food to each village to gain the gold indicated on the village tiles.

Acquire cards from the market

Players may buy as many cards or sweep the market as many times as they like. Depending on which card is acquired, different action will take place. Court cards can be replaced. Land improvements can be upgraded by something equal or better.

  • Court Cards – Place in court
  • Farm and Village improvement – Place on corresponding land tile
  • Unwanted guests – send to other sister
  • Moons – Resolve event for all sisters

Players may choose to fly one Banner per game once the requirement is met. The banner cannot be exchanged and the special ability is permanent for the rest of the game.

End Game

The game ends after the round where one sister has 7 cards in their court. All players take an equal number of turns. The player with the most crowns win. Note special abilities on certain cards when calculating crowns.