Five tribes

five tribes

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game


Five Tribes is a game about maneuvering different tribes to in order to gain points through several different methods. The movement involves a mancala like mechanic where a meeples are picked up from a tile and dropped off as it moves along. The player with the most coins at the end of the game wins.

Set Up

Board set up

  • Place the tiles randomly into a 5×6 grid
  • Randomly draw 3 meeples from bag and place into each tile
  • Form market row of 9 market cards
  • Form djinns row of 3 djinn cards
  • Place Bid and Turn order boards beside grid, place turn markers randomly on bid order

Player set up

  • 8 Camels
  • 50 coins


The each round consists of 3 steps

  1. Bid for turn order
  2. Player actions
  3. End turn and clean up

Bid for turn order

Starting with the player on spot 1, the players pay the amount of coins indicated on the turn marker to take that spot. If a player takes the first 0 spot, they may be bumped further back by another player taking the 0 spot. The player furthest to the right of the turn order goes first.

Player actions

  1. Move marker from turn order track to first available spot on bid track
  2. Move the meeples
  3. Perform the action for meeples in hand
  4. Perform action on last tile

Move the meeples

Take all the meeples from a tile containing at least one meeple, dropping meeples onto each tile as you move along an orthogonal path. You CANNOT immediately backtrack or move diagonally. The last meeple you drop MUST match the color of at least one meeple in the last tile you land on. Pick up all the meeples matching the color of the last meeple. If this action removes all the meeple from the tile, place your camel on the tile.

Perform the action for meeples in hand

Depending on the color, each meeple has a different effect

Perform action on last tile

Each tile that you land on has an effect

  • Oasis – Place palm tree on tile (compulsory, no limit)
  • Village – Place palace on tile (compulsory, no limit)
  • Small Market – Pay 3 gold to take one of the first 3 cards in market
  • Large Market – Pay 6 gold to take two of the first 6 cards in market
  • Sacred Place – Buy djinn with 2 Elders or 1 Elder and 1 fakir

Djinns can be used as soon as it is bought. DO NOT replace djinn after purchase.

End turn and clean up

Once all players have taken turn and moved to the bid track, replenish resource cards and djinn cards. Start next turn

End Game

The game can end in 2 ways

  • Player drops his last camel. Current round is completed
  • No more legal moves, players can still invoke djinn power on their turn until round completion


Add up scores for the following

  • Number of coins
  • Total of Djinn points
  • Number of yellow viziers, + 10 for every player with fewer viziers than you
  • Number of white elders x 2
  • Number of palm tree on player’s tile x 3
  • Number of palaces on player’s tile x 5
  • Resource card unique sets

Player with the most points wins.