Cry Havoc

Cry Havoc

 Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. PDF Manual


Cry Havoc is an area control game with unique player powers where players play cards to move their troops, recruit, build structures, and battle enemies. Over the course of 5 rounds the players will score points by maintaining control over areas containing crystals. This is a game with many different player powers. Text on the cards and boards will overrule the general rules of the game. The player with the most points at the end of 5 rounds wins.

 Set Up

Board set up

  • Randomly pick 4 event tokens and place in corresponding spaces
  • Separate terrain cards and place in corresponding spaces
  • As indicated, place trog war party, exploration tokens, and crystals on board
  • Place initiative tokens on initiative track, place in same order on upcoming track
  • Score tokens on 0, action marker on 1
  • Place headquarters on board, place 4 units into each corresponding headquarter

Player set up

  • Each player picks a faction and take all components
  • Arrange faction boards
  • Take 1-3 skill cards and place face up in front of player
  • Place beside board enable scoring, Tactic card deck, unit miniatures


The game is played over 5 or fewer rounds. Each round consists of 6 phases

  1. Events
  2. Draw 4 cards, discard down to 7 if needed
  3. Actions
  4. Battle Resolution
  5. Prisoners
  6. Scoring, if enabled


  • Reveal the next next stack of event tokens and resolve.
  • Change the initiative track to match the upcoming track.
  • Refresh exhausted skills

Draw 4 cards, discard down to 7

Perform card actions

Players will take turns according to initiative order performing one action each until each player has performed 3 actions. Most actions involve playing/discarding a card to use the functions on the card. The player may play as many card as needed to perform the action.

  • Move
  • Recruit units equal to number of discarded symbols into player headquarter
  • Build/activate structures
  • Draw 2 cards, keep one (including terrain cards)
  • Play the enable scoring card if it has not been played


Each move symbol provides the player one movement point, allowing you to move one unit one space away. If a unit enters a region with an enemy unit or Trog token, NO further movement may occur for that unit. Units may still move into this region during the same move action. If there are no other units in the region, place control token. At the end of all movements, resolve exploration and Trog tokens, place battle token under attacker on any regions containing enemy units.

Other rules for movement

  • If there are no Trog units in reserve, return player’s unit to reserve equaling number of missing Trog units.
  • No units from any player may enter battle region on future turns
  • Defending player may use movement action to leave battle region ONLY if they have more than twice the number of units of the attacker
  • Player to the left of the player attacking trogs controls the trogs for that battle

Build/Activate structures

Building points are spent placing building tokens onto non-embattled regions of player’s control. Buildings can also be activated to perform indicated actions, including the buildings just built.

  • Buildings cannot be activated more than once per action
  • Cannot build in headquarters
  • Cannot build same type in same region
  • If player loses control of a region, they cannot activate the building but the building remains on board

Resolve battles

Battles are resolved on the battle board, starting with the lowest numbered battle token. There are 3 objectives with different conditions. Follow the instructions on the battle board for details for resolution. The battle is resolved in 7 steps

  1. Add one crystal to the embattled region
  2. Attackers place units on battle board, then defenders
  3. Starting with attackers, players alternate playing tactics card until both passes.
  4. Resolve objectives according to board, ties go to defender.
  5. Place surviving units of region control winner back into region. If trogs, win, place trog nest
  6. Place surving units of loser into adjacent region, if not available, place in reserve. If trogs retreat, place trog nest in adjacent region
  7. Remove battle token, resolve next battle


All players score 1 VP for every prisoner they control. Players may then spend 2 VP to take prisoner back to reserve

Scoring, if enabled

The player who enabled scoring score 1 VP for every region they control. All players score 1 VP for every crystal in regions they control. Begin new round

 End Game

The game ends during the round where the final scoring event is resolved. During final scoring round, players may not enable scoring. During the scoring phase all players score 1 VP for every crystal in regions they control. The player with the most victory points win, ties broken by number of prisoners, then reverse initiative order.