Rule books are great, reference sheets are great, but neither is convenient enough to teach a game quickly to new players. They either have too much unnecessary information structured in a circular manner, or missing some details forcing you to look through the rule book for clarification. There are also videos, but no matter how short they are, people don’t seem to be able to focus on a screen when there’s a whole table of people. I’ve been hosting game nights for a very long time, and that is my main take away. There is just too many games to memorize the rules and set up for each.

As a technical writer, I had this idea of using the capabilities of an interactive reference with tool tips and internal linking to make rule books as easy as possible to understand. The references on this site are organized to be linear and logical, simplifying the process of teaching and learning. 

If you have any feedback, requests, need help with your rule book or would like your game on the site, please contact me!