Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. Expansions


Trickerion is a worker placement game with aspiring magicians trying to earn fame in the city of Magoria. Over the course of 5 weeks, players will learn illusions, build sets, and finally perform them infront of an audience. Players can hire assistants and specialists to aid them in their quest. The magician with the most fame after five weeks is the winner. The following Quick Cardboard is for the base game only. See expansions.

Set Up

Board set up

  • Place game board in middle of table
  • Separate the trick cards by category and place above Dahlgard’s Residence
  • Fill Market with Wood, metal, glass, and fabric components
  • Create performance deck with two Riverside theater and two Grand Magorian cards. Fill theater with Riverside Theater cards.
  • Trickerion stone on slot 1 of turn counter
  • Wooden point markers on fame 5

Player set up

Each player choose a magician and take

  • Player board
  • Magician card
  • Magician Poster card
  • Trick and symbol markers of chosen color
  • Take components with total value of 2
  • Trick Card of threshold 1, chosen from favorite category
  • Starting hand of 9 Permanent assignment cards
  • All Character Disks of player color
  • Place one magician and one apprentice disk in their corresponding spot on player board
  • Take one Specialist of player choice and respective game board
  • One trickerion shard

Place Magician meeple in random order on the intiative order track. 1st player gets 10 coins, 2nd 12 coins, 3rd 14 coins, and 4th 16 coins.

Specialist Abilities

  • Engineer
  • Manager
  • Assistant


Each round of the game consists of 7 phases. The game lasts 5 rounds

  1. Roll dice
  2. Set initiative order
  3. Advertise
  4. Assignment phase
  5. Place Character
  6. Performance
  7. End turn clean up

Roll dice

Roll the 6 downtown dice and place according to color in the downtown location.

Set initiative order

This step is skipped for the first round. Starting from the second round, the player with the least fame points will go first and so on. If tie, reverse previous initiative position.

Player can choose to advertise by paying coins equal to their initiative order and gain 2 fame. Place poster on the track to indicate you have done so.

Assignment phase

Place an assignment card facedown onto each character to determine where they go in the next phase. This is done simultaneously. Characters with no assignment cards cannot be placed in the next phase.

Place Character

The game uses an action point system where each worker placement action also requires the appropriate action points to be spent. A worker may perform more than one action from a single placement if they have enough action points. Action points available can be increased by 1 for every trickerion shard spent (except for theater). Locations have slot modifiers that can increase or decrease the action points available.

In turn order, each player chooses one character to place in a location. The action points are immediately spent to perform one or more actions. The next player in the initiative order takes their turn. The locations are


Downtown consists of up to 6 actions from 3 category that you can take. The actions available are determined by the dice faces. When you take an action available, flip the dice to show the X indicating it has been used. These are the categories for the actions

  • Learn tricks
  • Hire characters
  • Take coins

Players may also choose to reroll one die with one action point, or pay 2 action points to freely change a die to any face.


Components bought from the market are taken from the supply. The market only shows the types available, quantity is theoretically unlimited. There are 4 actions available in the market

  • Buy
  • Bargain
  • Order
  • Quick order


The workshop is on the player board. The following actions can be taken

  • Prepare
  • Move tricks (engineer)
  • Move components (manager)
  • Permanently move apprentice (assistant)


The theater is divided up into 4 days. A player may only place their workers on one of the days, and may not place on a day already occupied by another player. You cannot increase actions with trickerion shards in the theater. The bottom slot can only be occupied by magicians. The following actions are in the theater.

  • Set up trick
  • Reschedule
  • Perform


Starting from Thursday going to Sunday, player with magician on a performance slot can select a performance card containing at least one of their tricks.


Players collect fame and coins as indicated on the trick card when the trick is performed. The Performing magician also receives bonus for

  • 1 fame for each link in card
  • Specialist bonus for specialists backstage
  • Bonus on bottom of performace card

The payouts for Thursday and Sunday are modified. Any trick rewards to be collected by all players are decreased by 1 coin and 1 fame per trick on Thursday. Any trick rewards are increased by 1 fame and 1 coin for all players when their trick is performed on Sunday regardless of performer.

End turn clean up

Once all the performances are done, perform these steps to set up for next round

  • Pay wages
  • Return characters
  • Orders arrive
  • Move performance cards
  • Remove posters
  • Move round marker

End Game

The game ends after 5 rounds. Add on to the score

  • 1 fame for each unspent shard
  • 1 fame for every 3 coins
  • 2 fame for each apprentice
  • 3 fame for each specialist

Player with the most fame points win. Ties broken by initiative track.


Dark Alley

Set up

  • Use the dark alley side of player and main game board
  • Separate and shuffle individually the special assignment cards
  • Use all trick cards
  • Create the performance deck with 2 Riverside Theater, 2 Grand Magorian, then 2 Magnus Pantheon
  • Use the dark alley side of the magician card. Each magician also has a Special Ability
  • Randomly choose 3 pending prophecies, place the other next to board
  • Each player also receives dark alley assignment card

Place Character phase

Players can also use the dark alley location. The actions are

  • Draw first card
  • Draw further cards
  • Fortune telling

End turn phase

  • Move prophecies
  • Discard special assignment cards

Game end

The game ends after 7 rounds. Add on to score

  • 1 fame for each unspent trickerion shard
  • 1 fame for every 3 coins
  • 2 fame for each unused special assignment
  • Number of fame as indicated on threshold 36 tricks if requirements are met

Magician Abilities

  • The Mechaniker
  • Priestess of Mysticism
  • Master of Chains
  • The Great Optico
  • The Red Lotus
  • Yoruba Spiritmaster
  • Electra
  • The Gentleman

Magician powers

Must be played with the Dark Alley expansion.

Set up

Shuffle each of the 3 power decks and place next to game board. Deal 4 from each deck to every player. The player will than choose 8 from the 12. Each player will receive 3 shards intead of 1.


Store all available shards on the left of player board from the bottom up. The slot is considered open when it is filled with the required amount of shards. At the beginning of the assignment phase, a player may learn a new power by placing it in the open slot.

Game end

The scoring is the same as dark alley, except you do not earn points for unspent trickerion shard.

Dual of Magicians

Set up

Create deck with 5 or 7 turn set up cards. Place face up beside board. Use performance cards with gray trick markers to create performance deck.


After rolling dice, reveal the next turn set up card and cover slots accordingly with the current card.

Player can also link tricks with pre-printed trick markers.