The Grizzled

the grizzled

 Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Objective
  3. Set Up
  4. Gameplay
  5. PDF Manual


The Grizzled is a cooperative game where you and your friends play a group of tired World War I soldiers. They have to survive the troubles and difficulties that come their way while waiting for the peace treaty to be signed and the war to end. This game is a push your luck game where you try to play as many cards as you can without “busting”.


Win Condition

Players win the game when the Peace Card is visible and there are no cards left in hand

Lose Condition

Players lose the game if the Monument card becomes visible, or a single player receives 4 Hardknocks symbols

 Set Up

  • Each player receives a Grizzled card, charm side up
  • Left support tile, right support tile, and one random tile from left over
  • 25 trials cards into the Trials deck
  • Other cards go on top of monument to form Morals deck
  • A No Man’s Land area
  • Number of speech tokens
  • One player is given mission leader token


The game plays over as many missions as necessary to complete the objective. Rule changes due to Hard Knocks cards will take precedence. Each mission consists of four steps


The mission leader decides how many cards to deal to each player. Cards are dealt starting with mission leader. The first mission is always 3 cards each.

The Mission

This step is where most of the game is played. The goal is to get rid of cards from the hand.

The mission is considered success when all players has withdrawn. The cards in no man’s land are discarded. Proceed to the next step.

The mission fails when 3 identical threats are present, including threats from phobias and trauma hard knocks cards. The cards in no man’s land are shuffled back into the trial deck. Player’s may not play more support cards.

Player perform one of 4 actions on their turn, starting with the mission leader.


Players reveal their support token and give it to the player the arrow is indicating. Player who has received the Majority of support tokens can get rid of 2 Hardknocks cards or recover Good luck charm. Player’s keep their majority. If the mission failed the supported player can only get rid of 1 Hardknocks card.

Morale Drops

Deal from the Morale reserve onto the trials deck number of cards equal to the cards left in hand. Minimum 3 cards. Mission leader moves to the next player, former leader gets a Speech token.