Sheriff of Nottingham

sheriff of nottingham

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. PDF Manual


In Sheriff of Nottingham, players are merchants attempting to bring goods, legal or otherwise, into their shops. Each player take turns being the Sheriff, who has the power to inspect the goods being brought in. Through bluffing, bribing, and negotiating, players aim to be the wealthiest at the end of the game. The player with the most value in coins, goods, and king/queen bonuses wins the game.

Set Up

Form a draw pile in the middle of the table. Flip over 5 cards onto each of the left and right discard pile. Give the sheriff token to a player. Each player receives

  • Player board
  • Merchant bag
  • 6 goods cards
  • 50 coins


The players who are NOT the sheriff will perform the following actions in order. The sheriff will only come in to play at phase 4

  1. Market
  2. Load up to 5 goods into bag.
  3. Declare content
  4. Sheriff inspects bags
  5. End of Round


Starting with the player to the left of the sheriff, set aside up to 5 cards from the hand and draw back to 6 from the top of either draw or discard pile. Place the set aside cards into one of the discard piles after drawing.

Declare contents

Players will declare one type of legal item and the number of cards in the bag. Players must be truthful about number of cards.

Sheriff inspects bag

The sheriff has the option to inspect or let the bag pass. The players may make deals with the sheriff in the following ways

  • Bribe with gold, cards from merchant stand, cards from bag
  • Pay to inspect another player’s bag

Players may NOT offer cards in hand as bribe. If a deal is made, it must be honoured. If the sheriff lets you pass, you can place the items into your merchant stand. Contrabands are kept face down. If the sheriff inspects your bag and you were truthful, the sheriff pays you the penalty of all cards. If you were lying, all goods that were as declared are placed in market. Other goods are discarded and penalty payed on all discarded cards.

End of round

All players draw from draw pile until 6 cards in hand. Sheriff passes to next player.

End Game

The game ends when each player has been the sheriff twice. Add up score as followed

  • Value of coins
  • Value of goods, including contrabands
  • Determine winner of King and Queen bonuses

The player with the most points wins the game. Ties broken by number of legal goods, then number of contraband.

Cosmic Encounter

cosmic encounter

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. Technology Variant
  6. PDF Manual


Cosmic Encounter is a game of negotiation, diplomacy, area control, and unique alien powers. Player attempt to occupy planets belonging to other players. The first player to occupy 5 other planets wins.

Set Up

Board set up

  • Place The Warp and Hyperspace Gate gate in middle
  • Deal 2 Flare Cards to each player
  • Find corresponding Alien Sheets and choose one face down
  • Shuffle Flare cards into Cosmic Deck
  • Remove any none chosen color from the Destiny Deck
  • Shuffle Destiny and Cosmic Cards

Player set up

Each player receivevs

  • 5 Planets of player color
  • 20 ships, spread evenly over planets
  • Score tracker placd at 0
  • Hand of 8 cosmic cards

Draw destiny deck to determine start player


Starting with the first player going clockwise, each player takes their turn (encounter). If an encounter was successful, they may take a second encounter. There are many cosmic cards that can be played during various phases of the game. Refer to special text of each. Each turn consists of 7 phases.

  1. Regroup
  2. Destiny
  3. Launch
  4. Alliance
  5. Planning
  6. Reveal
  7. Resolution


Retrieve one ship from the warp and place in home or one of the player’s colonies. If no colony, place on hyperspace gate. If the offense has no encounter cards, reveal and discard hand. Draw a new hand of 8


Draws top card of destiny deck. If there is only one card, shuffle it with the discard pile before drawing. Follow instruction on the destiny card. The defence and offense are to be called the Main Players for ability purposes. Cards will never allow a player to attack another player’s on a third player’s home system unless with special alien powers.


The offense takes the hyperspace gate and points it at one of the planets in the system indicated by destiny card. Place up to 4 ships. Ships may be retrieved from anywhere except the warp. Any time a planet is void of the player’s ships, that planet is consider Stripped. The defense may not add ships to the planet, may need to defend with 0 ships.
Other players on the planet are only bystanders and are not part of this encounter. When attacking own planet, can only choose one to be defense


Alliance is determined in the following order

  1. Offense invites allies, may not ask defense
  2. Defense invites allies, even those already allied with offense
  3. In clockwise order from the offense, players decline or accept invitation
  4. Add 1 to 4 ships on either hyperspace gate or around the defensive planet
  5. Continue to next player to accept or decline


The main players select an Encounter Card from their hand and play it face down. If the defense has no encounter cards, they reveal and discard the whole hand, and Draw a new hand of 8.


There are 4 possibilities for after the reveal. Reinforcement cards may be played after the reveal to add attack powers.

  1. Both attack – Each player adds the number of ships including allies to the attack cards. Player with higher total wins encounter. Defense wins ties.
  2. One attack, one negotiate – The player with the attack wins. The player with negotiate collects Compensation
  3. Both negotiate – Players attempt to make deal within one minute. Deals can trade cards, colonies, or both. If no deal made 3 ships are lost to warp on each side. Allies are not involved in deal. Cannot agree to do nothing as part of deal.
  4. One morph revealed – Morph Card becomes the same card as opponent’s card


All cards played during the encounter are discarded. If 3 or more of a player’s home colonies are stripped, the player loses their alien power. Colony needs to be established by drawing own colored destiny cards.

End Game

The first player to reach 5 foreign colonies wins the game. Shared wins are possible.

Technology Variant

Set Up

Deal 2 cards to each player, choose one, discard the other face up. The selected card is placed facedown in front of player and is not part of hand.

Using technology

During the regroup phase, each player may research tech card by placing a ship from colony and place it on the card. Once a card has ships equal to the research number, turn the card face up and it may be used. Research can be abandoned by discarding the card and returning ships to the colonies.
Ships researching a tech cannot participate in encounters, and cannot be attacked. However they still may be lost in other ways.

Getting new cards

Offense that won the first encounter may draw new tech cards instead of having a second encounter. Draw cards equal to score plus 1, select one and discard others.