Samurai Spirit

Samurai Spirit

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. Variations
  5. PDF Manual

Introduction and objectives

Samurai Spirit is a cooperative push your luck game. Players try to fight off as many raiders as they can on their turn without going bust. Through fighting, supporting, and a bit of luck, the Samurai fend off the raiders to protect the families and their farms.

Players win if they survive three rounds of raiders of increasing difficulty, and at least one farmstead and one family remains.

Players lose if any one samurai dies, all farmstead is destroyed, or all families are gone.

Set Up

Board Set up

  • Village in center
  • Farmstead on village building side up
  • Place the 3 Family tokens doll side up on village
  • Place number of Barricades around village
  • Create raider deck of Plunderers

Player Set up

  • Choose samurai board, place human side up
  • Place samurai meeple on 0 of battle track
  • Support token near board
  • Choose player to give active player marker


The game takes place over three rounds, each consisting of three phases

  1. Apply Penalty
  2. Do one of three actions
  3. End round clean up and set up next deck

Apply penalty

If there is a raider card on the battle track, you MUST apply the penalties shown on the bottom left of the top most raider card before taking an action

Do one of three actions


Player will draw one card from the top of the raider deck and choose to either confront or defend it


Place the raider on the battle track to the right of the board, adjusting the meeple to match the total value of raiders on the battle track. If the battle track reaches the Kiai number exactly, the Kiai is activated. If the total is greater than the Kiai, the flame symbol instructs you to immediately remove one barricade


Match the symbol on the top right of the raider card to an unmatched symbol on the left. Raiders without a symbol on the top right must be confronted. Any umatched symbols will suffer penalty at End of Round.


Hand your support token to another samurai of your choice. Move the top card of the raiders deck to the intruder deck without looking at it. Samurai that receive your support will gain your Talent for their next turn. The support token is returned to you after their turn is done.


Lay meeple down on battle track and skip the rest of the round. Penalties are no longer applied to you. If the samurai starts the turn past the kiai value, they must pass.

End round

The round ends when the raider deck is exhuasted or all the players have passed. Perform the following in order

  1. Place remaining raider deck on top of intruder deck (if any)
  2. Sustained wound for any unmatched hats on left of board
  3. Destroy farmstead for any unmatched farms
  4. Remove family token from village
  5. Gain bonus from remaining families, shuffle them and place back on board
  6. Reveal cards one by one from intruder deck. Remove one barricade for every flame symbol on right

Set up for next round

  • End of first round – Add Lieutenants
  • End of second round – Add Bosses

All players place their meeples back on the 0 spot of the battle track.


2 player game

The 5 support tokens belonging to absent samurai placed beside the vilage face up. At the beginning of turn you may use one or more of these support. Each token can only be used once per game

Solo game

Play using two player rules with player controlling both samurais.