Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. PDF Manual


In Mysterium, players are psychics investigating a murder. This is a asymmetrical cooperative game where the players work together to find what happened during a recent murder at a mansion. A player playing the ghost gives clues in the form of vision cards to aid the player’s quest. Each player will investigate a separate path, and in the end of the game the ghost will reveal the correct path that was taken. Sharing information is welcomed.

Set Up

Board set up

  • Place psychic cards on table grouped by category for desired player number and difficulty
  • Place progress board under each group
  • Place Epilogue and clairvoyance track at end of object group
  • Place clock on table, set to 1

Ghost set up

  • Find matching ghost cards for the psychic cards on table
  • Place cards from each category randomly onto slots in the game screen
  • Discard unused cards
  • Receive culprit tokens, crows, ghost tokens
  • Draw 7 cards from vision deck

Psychic set up

  • Intuition token on character progress board
  • Clairvoyancy marker on 0 of clairvoyance board
  • Sleeves, clairvoyance tokens


The game consists of 2 phases. The First Phase involves each investigator attempting to find their own set of murder suspect and conditions. Through the vision cards given by the ghost, each psychic attempt to interpret the visions and make guesses on the conditions and suspect. This round is played in 7 hours (rounds). The Second Phase involves the ghost remembering who the suspect actually is, and will give clue to the table attempting to reveal the real culprit. The players will take a vote and decide who the real murderer is.

Phase 1 – Reconstruction of events

  1. Ghost to give each psychic at least 1 vision card
  2. Ghost draws up to 7 before giving cards to each psychic
  3. Psychics place their intuition tokens on the psychic cards to indicate their guess
  4. Play Clairvoyance tokens if desired
  5. Ghost will indicate correct guesses by moving those to the next progress board
  6. Psychics with correct guess will take the corresponding card and place in sleeve
  7. Incorrect guesses places the token back at the previous progress board
  8. Move round tracker to the next hour before giving new cards

If a psychic made 3 correct guesses before the 7th hour, move clairvoyance tracker up as many spaces as there are hours left in the game

Phase 2 – Revealing the culprit

This phase takes place after all psychics has identified their combination before hour 7.

  1. Psychics lay our their combinations on table, with matching ghost tokens
  2. Ghost selects one culprit token from available numbers on table and place facedown on epilogue
  3. Ghost picks 3 cards corresponding to character, location, and object of culprit
  4. Shuffle the 3 cards and place face down on table
  5. Players take turns looking at the cards
  6. Psychics may not communicate during this phase
  7. Vote secretly with numbered side of clairvoyance tokens

End Game

Win Condition

Players correctly voted for the correct suspect, location, and object.

Lose conditions

Any players who do not finish identifying their combination by hour 7, or not voting for the right combination in phase 2.