Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. PDF Manual


Manila is a auction and betting game where players bet on the outcome of punts carrying wares to ports in Manila. There are many areas on the board where accomplices may be placed to earn money if that outcome is achieved. The game ends when the value of one of the wares reach 30. The player with the most money at the end of the game wins.

Set Up

Board set up

  • Take 3 of each share and shuffle them face down
  • Deal 2 to each player
  • Reveal all remaining shares and place beside board
  • Place value markers on lowest space

Player set up

  • Take the 2 shares dealt
  • 30 pesos
  • 3 accomplices
  • Pick a starting player


Each round/voyage is played over 4 phases. At anytime during the game the player may take a loan on his shares. If at anytime the player must make a payment but is unable to, they must take a loan. If a player must pay but is unable to take a loan, they can place a Blind Passenger

Auction and perform office of Harbour Master

The starting player begins bid for the office of Harbour Master, going clockwise around the table with each player bidding higher or passing. The player with the highest bid will perform the harbour master actions. They are

  1. Buy a share
  2. Load goods
  3. Load punts in water

Place accomplice and move punts

Beginning with the harbour master, the players each place one accomplice paying the cost on the space. The spaces and scoring are as followed. There are three place accomplice and move punts actions before distributing the profits and resolving the round.

Spaces Goal
Wares The punt reaches one of the port spaces. The profit indicated on top of the punt is divided among the accomplices on the punt
Port Punts that pass space 13 in the ocean will reach port. Profit if any punt lands in your space
Repair Any punts that do not pass 13 are sent to repair. Profit when punts are sent to repair on your space
Pirate Board a punt on available space if punt reaches 13 on move 2. Plunder the punt if punt reaches 13 on move 3
Pilot Right before the 3rd movement after all accomplices placed, move punts indicated number of spaces
Insurance Immediately gain 10 pesos. Be the person to pay for repairs when punts are sent to repair

After the placement of accomplices the harbour master rolls the 3 die corresponding to loaded wares. Move the punt according to dice value. This ends the current place and move action. Any punts that pass 13 are sent to port, any punts that are on 13 may be boarded. If this is the 3rd and last place and move action, any punts that are on 13 may be plundered and any punts that fail to reach port are sent for repairs.

Profit distribution

Each player gains the profit indicated on the board/punts if the goal of their accomplice space is reached. Players may need to share the profits for pirates and wares, in which case it is divided evenly per accomplice on punt.

The insurance agent then pays for repairs to player or bank for any punt needing repairs.

Increase value of wares

Increase the value of the ware on the tracker one space up for every ware that reaches port.

End Game

Add up the number of pesos plus the value of shares of ware. Minus 15 pesos for every encumbered share. The winner is the player with the highest fortune.