Lords of Waterdeep

lords of waterdeep

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. PDF Manual


Lords of Waterdeep is a worker placement game where players act as Lords in the city of Waterdeep from Dungeons and Dragons. The goal of the game is to earn the most victory points, primarily through completing quests. Players will hire adventurers and other shady characters, build buildings, and intrigue each other to reach their goal.

Set Up

Board set up

  • Place 3 Victory points on each of the round track
  • Shuffle building tiles, draw 3 and place on builder’s hall. Place building deck on board face down
  • Draw 4 Quest cards and place them above Cliffwatch Inn. Place the deck face down below logo
  • Shuffle intrigue cards and place in labeled space

Player set up

Each player takes

  • Agents according to player number
  • Place an extra agent on board below turn marker
  • Score marker, place on 0 on board
  • Player Mat
  • First player takes white castle marker
  • Gold depending on turn order
  • Lord card, read, then keep face down


The game is played over 8 rounds. Before starting the first round, place victory tokens from round marker on to available buildings. At the start of round 5, take extra agent. Some purchased buildings also have start of round effects. Each round begins with the player holding the First player marker going clockwise with each player placing an agent. The round ends when all players have exhausted their available agents. On each turn players may

Assign Agent

Place worker in unoccupied building space and take its action or reward.

Complete Quest

You may complete one quest after assigning each agent. Turn in the required resources, and take the rewards in victory points and other resources. Place quest face down on player mat when complete. There are 2 special types of quests

  • Mandatory quests
  • Plot quests

When all players have exhausted their agent pool, The round ends. Take back all agents and begin next round.

End Game

The game ends after 8 rounds. Add the following to the victory point track

  • Each adventurer is worth 1 VP
  • Every 2 gold is 1 VP
  • Bonuses from Lord card

Player with the most victory points wins, ties broken by gold.