Castles of Mad King Ludwig

castles of mad king ludwig

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. Appendix


Castles of Mad King Ludwig is a tile laying game where players build crazy castles by laying out a floor plan to please the crazy king’s wishes. Players score points by buying and placing rooms, placing certain rooms next to each other, and fulfilling the public and personal bonuses. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins.

Set Up

Board set up

  • Place board on table using the side corresponding your player count
  • *Number of room cards, place on board
  • Place bonus card deck
  • *Place stairs/hallway, room tiles
  • Place one favor tile per player
  • Turn over top 7 room cards and flip over corresponding room size tiles
  • Choose a player for master builder token
  • Place player with master builder on 0 of score track, going clockwise place on 1-3

Player set up

Each player receives

  • One foyer
  • 3 Bonus card, discard 1 to bottom of deck
  • 15000 Marks (money)


Gameplay consists of 3 phases

  1. Market
  2. Building
  3. Scoring


The master builder decides the price for each of the rooms on the board and arrange accordingly, one room per price. Draw room cards and tile to fill empty spots. Starting from left of the master builder going clockwise, player can do one of the following

  • Buy room at set price and pay master builder
  • Buy stairs/hallway for 3000 an pay master builder
  • Take 5000 from bank
  • Master builder pays bank to buy room


Players place the newly bought room in their castle, expanding from the foyer. Follow these rules to place room

  • At least one entrance must connect to another entrance
  • Cannot overlap
  • Entrances may be blocked by walls
  • Downstairs rooms may only be connected with other downstairs rooms or stairs from upstairs
  • Rooms cannot be adjacent to fence on outdoor rooms
  • Cannot purchase room that cannot be placed
  • Must have atleast one doorway out of castle

If a room has all its entrances connected, it is complete. Get the completion bonus at the back of player’s guide card.


After the room is placed, update score track according to the following guidelines

  • Score point indicated on the room
  • Score/deduct points for connections/adjacencies according to room icons
  • Score/deduct points for connections/adjacencies of previously placed rooms
  • Score for downstair room icons if any

End Game

The game ends after the round where the room card deck is depleted. If there is not enough cards to fill the market, shuffle the discard pile and draw until market is filled.

End game scoring

  • 2 points for each room player has from depleted stacks
  • Points on bonus cards
  • 1 point per 10000 Mark
  • Rank players for King’s favors and score according to guide on board

Player with the most points wins. Ties broken by total square footage of castle