Broom Service

broom service

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Set Up
  3. Gameplay
  4. End Game
  5. PDF Manual


Broom Service is a trick taking game that offers high risk and high reward. Players play cards representing witches, druids, and gatherers to gather potions and deliver them. If you choose the cowardly way, you will be sure to perform the task. If you choose to be courageous, you might not get to act at all, or you might earn some big rewards for your courage. The player with the most points at the end of the game wins. This reference is for the basic game. See manual for variations.

Set Up

Board set up

  • Use side of board with the two castles showing red banner
  • Shuffle the 24 heavy clouds and place randomly on cloud spaces
  • Shuffle the 10 event cards and discard 3 to the box
  • Reveal the top event

Player set up

  • 10 role cards of one color
  • 2 pawns, one in each castle region
  • 1 potion of each color
  • Starting player and the player to the right receives one wand
  • All other players receive 2 wands


The game is played over 7 rounds. Remember to apply the effects of the current event. Players will first choose 4 of the 10 cards, then play cards in turn order. The card abilities are listed below. The general objective is to gather potions, then deliver them to towers on the board. Players may move into areas containing no clouds, and deliver potions to a tower with its base touching the area. A circular tower can only take one potion of the same color. A square tower can always take potion of the same color. Take victory points and/or wands as indicated when delivery is made.

Playing role cards

Starting with the start player, choose one of the four cards to play. As they play it, they will announce to be cowardly or brave.

  • If cowardly, perform the action immediately
  • If brave, wait until all other players have passed or played their card.

The next player must follow the card that is just played. If they do not have the card, they pass and play moves on to the next player. If they have the card, they will play it in the same manner as the start player, choosing one of 2 actions. When all players have passed or played a card, the last brave role can now perform their action. All other brave roles are skipped. The player that performed the brave action now starts the next turn by choosing a card.

The round ends when all players are out of cards. Begin the next round by revealing the next event, drawing bewitched cards if needed, and drawing 4 of the 10 cards.

End Game

The game ends after 7 rounds. Add on to the score

  • VP from lightning
  • 4 VP for each set of 4 different resources
  • 2 VP for each set of 3 different resource

Player with the most victory points win. Ties broken by number of resources.